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Welcoming you to the Janbo Sikhbo family. We appreciate your interest in learning more about our terms and conditions. Read this article and accept our terms to receive our service. We lay out the guidelines for using janbo sikhbo online in this article.

Utilizing this website indicates that you accept our teams policies. You are free to stop visiting our janbo sikhbo webpage if you do not accept our terms and conditions.

Use the Janbo Sikhbo website in accordance with these terms and conditions.

  1. Everything we post on our website is just for your own use.  Any and all information could change at any time without previous notice from us.You do so at your own risk when using this website and providing private data.
  2. Use Janbo Sikhbo’s publicly accessible information at your own personal risk. We shall not be liable for any improper use of your information.
  3. Some of the content on the Janbo Sikhbo website including articles images and videos is our exclusive property.Stop sending information from the Janbo Sikhbo website to another web page without getting our permission. It violates copyright laws.
  4. On the Janbo Sikhbo website occasionally an article has a link to an external website.Using this external link you can learn more about this subject. That does not imply that we approve of all the actions taken by the websites whose links we share in our article.
  5. You may only use all our information for personal purposes. Any material picture or video from our Janbo Sikhbo website cannot be used without our express permission.

What you avoid doing

  1. Republishing any Janbo Sikhbo content without authorization is prohibited, as is doing so about any images or videos of Janbo Sikhbo.
  2. Every one of our articles has a comment box where you can leave your insightful comments. We value the opinions you share. Any comments that can be impolite will be removed at our discretion.
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