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Smart bangladesh Paragraph for Hsc Exam 2024

‘Smart Bangladesh’ is currently the most talked-about subject. Bangladesh’s economy will be knowledge-based and creative by 2041. The four pillars of ‘Smart Bangladesh‘ are: ‘Smart Citizen, ‘Smart Government, ‘Smart Economy, and ‘Smart Society.

Smart Bangladesh of 2041 will be affordable, sustainable, intelligent, knowledge-based, and innovative Bangladesh. The adoption of smart cities and smart villages will guarantee smart healthcare, smart transportation, smart utilities, urban administration, public safety, agriculture, internet connectivity, and disaster management. Therefore, we must concentrate on these four technologies: robotics, microchip design and manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and cyber security.

The government hopes to turn Bangladesh into a “Smart Bangladesh” where everyone will be technologically savvy, learn to perform every task online, and have an e-based economy.

Efficiency gains will be made in the management of health, communication, agriculture, education, health care, trade, transport, environment, energy and resources, infrastructure, economy, trade, governance, financial transactions, supply chain, security, business ownership, and community. There will be an introduction of digital technology in almost every aspect of daily life. This ICT master plan includes 40 megaprojects, including initiatives to transform Bangladesh into a knowledge-based economy and an inventive country by 2041. One of the targets for completing these tasks is the year 2041.

Building a Smart Bangladesh by 2041 will be achieved in large part thanks to infrastructure like the IT Business Incubator. The IT Business Incubator will grow into a hub for the education of the next generation’s young people in talent, intelligence, and knowledge.

A cost-effective, sustainable, intelligent, knowledge-based, innovative Smart Bangladesh will be dependent on these four main pillars by the year 2041 if we can effectively utilize the demographic dividend in the age of the fourth industrial revolution: Smart Citizen, Smart Economy, Smart Government, and Smart Society. We are hopeful that the development will be possible.

Smart Bangladesh Paragraph for Ssc Exam with Bangla Meaning

After Digital Bangladesh, the plan for Smart Bangladesh is the most significant and far-sighted choice of this century. Because many developing countries have made significant progress toward becoming smart countries, as well as because many developed countries have already transformed into smart countries, the country must be brought closer to the developed world in order to maintain its development and progress.

The nations that adopt technology first will have a significant competitive advantage in the future in terms of business and trade, international transactions, and communication. Like Smart Bangladesh from a century and a half ago, the current government has plans for Digital Bangladesh. Although Digital Bangladesh has not yet been completely successful, Bangladesh has come a long way despite the progress it has made.

The advantages of Digital Bangladesh are just one of the numerous factors that have allowed Bangladesh to manage the two-year corona outbreak with less damage than many wealthy nations. One of the major benefits of a digital Bangladesh is that everything will be dependent on technology, much like in industrialized nations. This process is known as digitization, and it will result in the highest level of acceptance of technology-based papers in the modern world.

Its acceptance also increased significantly when it was converted. These are the significance and advantages of a digital Bangladesh. Once more, in the modern period, if everything is not changed to a digital system, severe issues will arise on a global scale. The most crucial and timely action plan for this initiative’s success is Smart Bangladesh. Smart Bangladesh is not simply a catchphrase; it is a massive campaign that will last for the ensuing 20 years.

Short Paragraph on Smart Bangladesh for class 6,7,8,9,10,12 in 200,250,300 words

The government has already begun working on creating “Smart Bangladesh” by the year 2041, and a plan has been developed to put it into action for Bangladesh as a knowledge-based economy and a creative nation.

Smart citizens, a smart society, a smart economy, and a smart government are all components of a “Smart Bangladesh.” Smart systems will be implemented in the education, health, agricultural, and finance sectors of Smart Bangladesh. For this reason, coordinated efforts have been made to modernize government administration and create an effective management structure. In addition, many activities will be digitalized.

In the interim, steps have been taken to implement the “Smart Bangladesh” program’s short-, medium-, and long-term objectives and take the necessary actions to accomplish them. These steps include developing the necessary infrastructure on a legal and technical level and implementing them at all levels.

A “Made in Bangladesh” policy will be developed in order to meet the required export objective, and IT legislation in the economic, social, commercial, and scientific domains will be developed with the goal of creating a smart government in a smart Bangladesh.

By 2041, smart Bangladesh will have an innovative and knowledge-based economy thanks to its modern power system, green economy, skill development, acknowledgment of the freelancing profession, urbanization, and establishment of regional industrial zones. There is no doubt that the government’s efforts are productive.

Bangladesh’s government has been able to demonstrate its capacity and willingness to carry out its activities in front of the people by carrying out mega projects. If the government behaves responsibly in the development of the people, the economy will be strong and as a result the country will advance. The government’s current aim, “In 2041, Bangladesh will be a smart Bangladesh of innovative and knowledge-based economy,” is in accordance with that.

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