Paragraph on Science in Daily Life For Class 6 to 12 And SSC & HSC Exam

Paragraph on Science in Daily Life

Science affects many aspects of our lives. Science is everywhere, from the food and gadgets we consume to the fabric we wear. The modern developed world we live in today is the result of the blessing called science. It has improved our standard of living immensely. Life is unimaginable without science. Here are some sample essays on science in everyday life.

Paragraph on Science in Daily Life: 100 Words

Science is the greatest gift to humanity. Our daily life depends on science. From morning to night, science plays an important role in our daily lives. Science has given television, radio, mobile phone, computer, laptop, internet.

Electrical appliances like fans, lights, washing machines, refrigerators, geysers, irons, heaters etc. add extra comfort to our lives.

Now with the help of advanced medical science, many life-threatening diseases can be treated. Science has made travel more enjoyable. Buses, trains, cars, autorickshaws, motorcycles are all gifts of science. We cannot think of living without science even for a moment.

Paragraph on Science in Daily Life: 150 Words

Science is a great help to modern life. A modern man lives in the lap of science. It is his helpmate and companion in his daily life. The innumerable gifts of science blessed him from morning to late night.

His morning starts with alarm clock, toothbrush, tap water, cup of tea and newspaper. All these are the result of great discoveries of science.

Again, his clothes, vehicles, telephones and cooking appliances are all powered by science. When he feels sick, the wonderful medicines of science relieve him. When he feels tired, radio, movies and television cheer him up. All these are powerful creations of science. Modern life is impossible without them.

Essay on Science in Everyday Life Paragraph: 200 Words

We are indeed living in the age of science and technology. Many scientific inventions amaze us in modern monkey and we get its benefits and benefits in every step of our daily life. Thus it has made our life easy and comfortable. In the morning we wake up to the sweet sound of a scary clock. The cheering thin tea we drink in the morning is the contribution of science. We clean our teeth with brushes and pastes and these keep our teeth free from germs.

Daily newspapers satisfy our hunger for information from around the world and are the product of science. Books also give us the power of knowledge. Electricity is one of the most precious gifts of science. We get the light and enjoy the fans. TV, radio, fridge, washing machine, heater etc. make our life pleasant and comfortable.

The discovery of medicine by science has cured many deadly diseases. Science has also made outstanding contributions to the field of surgery. Trains, buses and planes save us precious time. They make our life faster. Paper, pen, ink – all these things in our daily life we owe to science. Communication has become very easy after the invention of computers and mobiles.

Science in Everyday Life: 250 Words

Science plays an important role in our daily life. The first thing that cheers us up every morning is tea, and it is science that has given us this stimulating drink.

Then comes the newspaper to satisfy our hunger for information, and that too is a product of science. News items are gathered from around the world through scientific processes like telex, fax and e-mail. It is then printed on a mass scale in a printing press. The paper on which they are printed is made from pulp by science.

So are books, which are sources of knowledge. Then comes food, all ingredients of which are products of agricultural science. They are made available to us by trains, trucks and ships which are all great scientific inventions.The clothes we wear, the waterproofs that protect us from the rain, the shoes that protect our feet are made by machines invented by the power of science. The means of transport we use – buses, trams, trains, cars or bicycles are all a blessing of science.

Back home we relax in front of the TV and radio and sometimes go to the cinema. There are electric lights, fans, cookers, fridges to make home life pleasant and comfortable. Telephone and e-mail keep us in instant contact with our near and dear ones.

We now have good drugs for many diseases that were fatal even a few years ago. Thanks to science for giving us all this to make our life comfortable.

Science in Everyday Life: 300 Words

Science is the investigation of any phenomenon or thing that can be seen and recorded. Information about that thing or wonder can be efficiently organized into predetermined rules. Science is everywhere around us. We are just beginning to understand the laws and rules that govern the functioning of our common environment in a way that can be articulated in normal terms.

Whatever can be clarified with intelligence is called science. In the old days as science was seen to clarify a ton of phenomena that were seen as miracles of God, Christianity was against it. It stops beliefs, for example, that humans evolved, that the earth is the center of the universe, and so on. Today we are grateful to science for the comforts and conveniences of life.

Science finds reason and rationality for everything that happens around us. Unlike living in a state of forecasting and anticipation, we can be truly certain of how tomorrow will unfold. Clinical science has helped us understand the functioning of the human body. It has strengthened clinical investigations that advance medicines to personal satisfaction


The modern world is founded entirely on the standards of science. Modern transportation is also a gift of science, whether by water, land, or air; And these are going to become progressively more progressive with death over the years

Building science has brought us structures that make better use of resources and make them safer, especially in areas prone to earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, etc. Data technology as a science is making data trading easier and more productive, thanks to the web and the PC. Veterinary science is helping animals to live a better life. They can be dealt with, alleviated and given a superior disease free life.

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