Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse Bag Policy-Is mortgage the same as loan?

In the heart of downtown Cleveland lies the iconic Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse bag policy, an esteemed venue hosting various events, from thrilling concerts to electrifying sports matches. Navigating through its bustling corridors, one essential aspect demands attention: the bag policy. Let’s delve into the ins and outs of this policy and how it shapes your experience at the FieldHouse.

Understanding Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse

Situated in the vibrant Gateway District, the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse stands as a testament to Cleveland’s cultural richness. Initially known as the Gund Arena, it underwent a massive transformation in 2019, rebranding as the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.

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How early can you arrive at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse?

The Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse will open one hour before tip-off. Event-specific opening times for the arena may vary.
Is mortgage the same as loan?
A mortgage is not the same as a loan. Loans are financial arrangements where a lender sends money to a borrower, who promises to repay the borrowed amount plus interest. Mortgages are legal agreements used to secure loans, typically containing real estate as security.

Location and History

Nestled on Huron Road, this multipurpose arena has been a cornerstone of Cleveland’s entertainment scene since its inception in 1994.

Renovation and Rebranding

The recent renovation not only revamped its physical appearance but also ushered in a new era of modern amenities and technological advancements, elevating the spectator experience.

Importance of Bag Policy

The bag policy serves as a crucial component of ensuring safety, security, and efficiency within the premises of Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse. It aims to streamline entry procedures while mitigating potential risks.

Overview of Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse Bag Policy

Before embarking on your eventful journey, familiarize yourself with the nuances of the bag policy to avoid any hiccups upon arrival.

General Rules and Regulations

The bag policy encompasses a set of guidelines designed to maintain order and safety within the arena.

Allowed and Prohibited Items

While certain items are permitted, others are strictly prohibited to uphold security standards and facilitate a seamless experience for all attendees.

Security Measures

The stringent security measures implemented at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse are paramount in safeguarding patrons and staff alike.

Screening Process

Upon entry, attendees undergo thorough bag checks and security screenings to detect any prohibited items.

Safety Protocols

Trained security personnel enforce stringent safety protocols to ensure a secure environment for all visitors.

Types of Bags Allowed

When selecting a bag for your visit, adhere to the designated guidelines outlined by the venue.

Clear Bags

Transparent bags offer visibility and ease of inspection, expediting the entry process.

Small Clutches

Compact clutches provide convenience without compromising on security measures.

Exceptions for Medical Needs

Individuals with medical requirements may seek exemptions from certain bag restrictions, provided proper documentation is presented.

Bag Size Restrictions

To maintain efficiency and safety, Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse imposes specific size limitations on bags brought into the venue.

Dimensions and Limitations

Bags exceeding the specified dimensions may not be permitted inside the premises.

Oversized Items

Large backpacks and bulky items are subject to additional scrutiny and may be restricted from entry.

Prohibited Items

Certain items pose potential risks or disruptions, hence their prohibition within the arena premises.

Weapons and Hazardous Materials

Firearms, explosives, and other dangerous items are strictly prohibited.

Food and Beverages

Outside food and beverages are generally not allowed, with exceptions for specific dietary or medical needs.

Professional Cameras and Recording Devices

Professional photography equipment and recording devices are prohibited to prevent unauthorized recording of events.

Tips for Compliance

To ensure a hassle-free experience, consider these practical tips when planning your visit to Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.

Planning Ahead

Anticipate security procedures and plan accordingly to minimize delays.

Checking the Policy in Advance

Review the bag policy in advance to avoid surprises or inconveniences upon arrival.

Benefits of the Policy

While the bag policy may seem restrictive, it ultimately enhances safety and expedites entry for all attendees.

Enhanced Safety

By regulating bag contents, the policy enhances security within the venue, prioritizing the well-being of patrons.

Expedited Entry

Clear guidelines facilitate swift entry, reducing wait times and ensuring a seamless experience for visitors.

Ensuring a Smooth Experience

Maximize your enjoyment at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse by adhering to these simple yet effective guidelines.

Arriving Early

Beat the rush by arriving well in advance, allowing ample time for security screenings and entry procedures.

Cooperating with Staff

Cooperate with venue staff and security personnel to facilitate a smooth and efficient entry process.

rocket mortgage fieldhouse bag policy

Backpacks, large bags (which must fit beneath seats without obstructing aisles and measure 14″ x 14″ x 6″), sealed goods of any kind (including gifts for performers), lengthy chains—whether worn on clothing or not—facial masks that are difficult to remove, bottles, cans, and coolers are all prohibited.


The bag policy at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse is not merely a set of rules but a testament to the venue’s commitment to safety and efficiency. By adhering to these guidelines, patrons contribute to creating a secure and enjoyable environment for all.



  1. What types of bags are allowed?
    • Only clear bags and small clutches are allowed, with exceptions for medical needs.
  2. Can I bring outside food and drinks?
    • Generally, outside food and drinks are not permitted, except for specific dietary or medical requirements.
  3. Are there exceptions for medical supplies?
    • Yes, as long as the appropriate paperwork is submitted, people with medical needs are able to obtain exemptions from some requirements.
  4. How strict is the bag size limit?
    • To maintain efficiency and safety within the arena, a strict enforcement of the bag size limit is in place.
  5. Can I bring a backpack for hiking purposes?
    • Large backpacks are usually prohibited; however, smaller backpacks that fit the size guidelines might be accepted—security checks permitting.

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