Road Accident Paragraph for All Class, SSC, HSC (150- 300 words)

Road Accident Paragraph

Road Accident Paragraph Easy

Road is one of the means of communication in Bangladesh. This road communication is being disrupted due to various reasons. Road accidents have become a daily occurrence. Newspapers and TV channels are now in the headlines about ‘road accidents’. However, despite many writings and recommendations on the subject, road accidents have not decreased, rather they are increasing slowly. Along with that, the death toll is also increasing. The anxiety, worry, sadness and pain that daily disasters cause is unimaginable. Those who die prematurely in road accidents leave a lasting pain in the hearts of their loved ones. And those injured live helpless lives with permanent paralysis. The rate of road accidents in our country is alarmingly high.

One of the reasons for this can be attributed to reckless driving by drivers and the steady increase in unlicensed and compliant vehicles, narrow and crooked roads, encroachment of sidewalk hawkers and loss of driver control. Apart from this, lack of awareness at road crossings, unplanned speed breakers, non-use of foot overbridges and widespread car parking are also responsible for road accidents. Planned traffic laws should be introduced to prevent road accidents. Regular driving license checks and penalties must be arranged. Strict disciplinary action should be taken against reckless and competitive drivers. Above all road accidents must be prevented at any cost. And only then will it be possible to prevent premature loss of many precious lives and realize the much desired dream of safe roads.

Road Accident Paragraph in 150 word

Road accidents have become a casual affair in Bangladesh today. Wake up and read daily news about road accidents. Many people are losing their lives in road accidents. Creating unusual disabled lives Unpaved roads in our country, excessive traffic pressure, defective vehicles, defective traffic system, broken roads, carelessness of drivers, carelessness of pedestrians etc. are one of the causes of road accidents. Most rivers do not obey traffic laws. Moreover the drivers of our country are uneducated so they are not aware of the traffic laws and they have no idea about the traffic signals. Road accidents happen even when pedestrians cross the road carelessly.

Currently, pedestrians cross the road while talking on mobile phones, resulting in road accidents. According to current surveys, about 21 thousand people die in road accidents in Bangladesh every year. In addition, many people have received lameness and lameness. Proper government supervision, proper enforcement of traffic laws, awareness of drivers, public awareness, checking vehicle engines before driving on wide roads and roads will reduce road accidents to a great extent so all efforts should be made to prevent road accidents.

Road Accident Paragraph in 200 word

Road highways are now prone to accidents and motorized vehicles are monster killers. None of us know whether we will be able to go out and come back in good health. Because there are many victims of accidents. Many families have lost their lives and are in dire straits, destitute and sitting on the road. Children’s education and treatment are being stopped. These family members are struggling to make ends meet. But those who are causing these accidents are being prosecuted, but no justice is being done. Even the car owner or the government is not giving any help.

As a result, the families of those killed in the accident are suffering from more insecurity. At least 10,000 accidents occur in Bangladesh every year and at least 5,000 people die in these accidents. At least ten thousand people were injured. Undeveloped roads, inefficient drivers, faulty vehicles, faulty traffic system, multifaceted corruption, ignorance of people are some of the reasons for these accidents. To reduce accidents, development of roads, construction of bypass roads, development of traffic system, training and motivation of drivers, prevention of corruption, banning of faulty vehicles, rationalization of laws and creation of public awareness are necessary.

Road Accident Paragraph in 250 word

Human activity begins before the light of dawn illuminates the world. And various types of accidents are happening in this busyness, among which road accidents are one of them. Road accidents are a constant threat to a safe lifestyle. Currently, road accidents have become a daily occurrence in Bangladesh as well as all over the world. Undoubtedly, many people are losing their lives in road accidents.

These days, when you open the pages of the newspaper, you see many shocking news of road accidents. For example, many pedestrians are victims of road accidents due to head-on collisions between buses and minibuses or a rickshaw being hit by the bus truck or minibus, losing control of the vehicle or even crossing the road on foot. These accidents are messengers of death standing at our door. Road accidents occur due to various reasons including unpaved roads, excess vehicles, defects in traffic system, broken roads, faulty engine and driver negligence, lack of skilled and trained drivers, carrying extra passengers, careless crossing of roads. Uncontrollable overtaking etc.

No matter how the accident happens, the consequences are dire. Loss of human resources is the biggest loss in this road accident. It is very important to find a way to reduce the number of deaths in these road accidents. In order to avoid these accidents, it is necessary to encourage everyone to modernize traffic laws, be sincere in law enforcement, road reform, train drivers, etc. At the same time, the road will be safe only if the pedestrians are aware, the civil life will be assured.

Road Accident Paragraph in 300 word

A road accident is an unexpected and unintended hazard. It is very unfortunate that road accidents have become a casual affair in our country. Every morning when you open the pages of the newspaper, you see the tragic news of road accidents. Nowadays, the movement of vehicles has become dangerous. Although the road communication system has improved considerably, it is still very inadequate compared to the requirement.

At present Bangladesh has about 11 thousand kilometers of paved roads of which 40% are highways. The number of motor vehicles is about 4 lakhs. Apart from this, there are innumerable rickshaws, autorickshaws, bicycles, wheelbarrows, vans etc. Compared to developed countries About 30 times more. In addition, there is an excess of population compared to the size of the country. Various factors are responsible for road accidents in our country. A country’s financial, social conditions, education, moral values and daily life also have an indirect effect on road accidents. That is, no specific factor can be singled out for road accidents.

Driver’s inefficiency carelessness, defective vehicles, shortness of road, impassability are identified as one of the causes of road accidents. Lack of required number of traffic police, violation of traffic rules, competitive driving, overtaking capacity of goods and passenger transport are more responsible for road accidents. Markets and illegal structures on the roads, number of rickshaws and vans, non-use of foot overbridges, crossing the Jatratantra road, driving by unlicensed incompetent drivers, lack of proper decision by the government to prevent accidents, lack of strict law making and many other reasons are causing road accidents.

In Bangladesh, the loss and death rate due to road accidents is much higher than any other country in the world. Road accidents are taking precious lives of people instantly. Many happy and comfortable families are breaking. If the mentioned causes of road accidents are resolved, it is hoped that safe road system will be ensured for all. For this, the government and all concerned need awareness.


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