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The consequences of a motorcycle accident are often stressful. When you should focus on recapturing and deciding your next steps, you’ll be dealing with calls from insurers whose key priority is maintaining profit. Many people are uncertain about the specific role of motorcycle accident lawyers and how they can assist in these situations.

A motorcycle crash attorney could mean the difference between no settlement money, a small settlement, or receiving maximum compensation. A FREE consultation with one of our experienced Atlanta motorcycle crash attorneys at John Foy & Associates is available to injury victims. Continue reading to learn more about what a motorcycle accident attorney does

What is a motorcycle accident attorney?

A personal injury attorney specializes in motorcycle crashes. Personal injury attorneys assist those hurt in accidents in acquiring compensation for their losses, including

  • Medical Treatment
  • Lost Wages
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property Damage

Personal injury lawyers specialize in the legal field of tort law. According to Georgia Code § 51-1-1, “a tort is the unlawful violation of a private legal right other than a mere breach of contract, express or implied,” or the “violation of a public duty” where the victim suffers damages. .

When an individual causes an automobile crash, they are guilty of negligence; that is, they have broken their legal duty to behave in a way that does not cause injury to other people.

The legal doctrine of torts covers motorcycle crashes. A motorcycle accident attorney is a personal injury attorney who assists clients in receiving compensation following a motorcycle accident. The objective is to compensate the accident victims so they can become whole again.

What does a motorcycle accident lawyer do?

To get you the financial compensation owed, the following are some specific ways a motorcycle accident attorney can help your case:.

Explaining Your Legal Rights As a Motorcycle Crash Victim

Most motorcycle accident victims know about handling an auto accident. However, not knowing where to start with filing your motorcycle accident claim or what to do to protect yourself can be misleading. Your lawyer can be a guide to ensure your understanding of your legal alternatives and other case details.

You have the right to pursue damages in Georgia when someone violates their legal duties and you suffer harm due to their actions (Georgia Code § 51-1-6). This implies you can sue the person at fault for damages or claim a personal injury with their insurance provider.

Providing Simple Legal Advice

Most consumers won’t understand motorcycle accident cases’ complicated legal or insurance lingo. You will also have to deal with the insurance company, which may attempt to coerce you into accepting a low settlement or acquire information from you that might be used against you.

With a skilled eye, your attorney can guide you through the legal procedure and ensure insurers don’t take advantage of you. A competent attorney would advise you against signing anything from the insurance company, agreeing to make any statements, or accepting the first settlement offer.

A motorcycle accident lawyer will handle the legal aspects of your case so you can concentrate on getting treatment, healing, and being with your loved ones after the accident.

Building Your Bike Wreck Case

You must get evidence to demonstrate the following before you can submit your motorcycle accident claim to the at-fault driver’s insurance provider:

  • Your injuries resulted from the motorbike accident.
  • The carelessness of the at-fault party caused the accident.
  • As a consequence of the motorcycle accident, you sustained damages.

A motorcycle accident attorney will be aware of the details that are required of you and collect them to create a compelling insurance case. They will collect scene photos, accident reports, medical records, eyewitness remarks, and more.

The point is to prove who caused the accident, the at-fault party’s liability, and how the incident occurred. Your attorney will begin working with you when you’ve achieved maximum medical improvement (MMI), meaning when your medical treatment-related recovery has been achieved.

Waiting until treatment is complete allows them to estimate your total losses, including all medical costs, correctly. Your attorney will build a compelling case to support your claim when they have the complete story.

Negotiating for a Fair Motorcycle Crash Settlement

When you file your insurance claim, the agency will review it and react. The insurance company may offer a lowball amount that doesn’t equate to the sum of your damages. If they insist it’s a fair amount (or the best they can do), an attorney will evaluate it to protect you.

A motorcycle accident attorney will know how to deal with the insurance company. They will work to negotiate a settlement amount that is fair to you based on your damages. If they are successful, you will get paid.

representing you in court

Most motorcycle accident cases end in a settlement, particularly if the injured motorcyclist hires an experienced lawyer. However, in some cases, the insurance company won’t agree to a good enough settlement. If that happens, your lawyer may consider filing a lawsuit.

Your lawyer will represent you through each step of the lawsuit process. Before going to trial, they will work to bargain a settlement along the way. Settlements are frequently reached at this point, but litigation lawyers will take it to court if the insurance company fails to be reasonable with its negotiation offer.

When is a motorcycle accident attorney necessary?

Finding yourself in a car crash can be a disorienting and stressful experience. However, working with a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney can provide critical guidance and support when needed. The following include scenarios when it is best to speak with a legal professional:

  • When severe injuries or wrongful death occur.
  • When obligation between you and other parties is being disputed.
  • If the insurance company is reluctant to offer fair compensation or is using unethical tactics to invalidate your claim.
  • If you cannot reach a reasonable settlement and need legal help to make it through legal proceedings such as hearings, depositions, and court.
  • If multiple parties are concerned or a company has a legal team.

The bottom line is that a motorcycle accident law firm can make your case smoother than it would have if you were handling the legal dispute alone. Having trustworthy guidance to safeguard your interests from professionals knowledgeable in various practice areas is the ultimate reassurance.

Does having a motorcycle accident lawyer guarantee that I’ll win my accident claim?

While having legal representation can increase your chances of success, the result of your claim will depend on several variables, such as the details of the motorcycle crash, the evidence at hand, the laws that apply, and the verdicts rendered by juries or judges.

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you improve your chances of winning your claim in the following ways:

  • Lawyers may help you through the legal system’s intricacies, protecting your rights and ensuring you take all the required actions to pursue your motorcycle accident litigation successfully.
  • Lawyers will compile essential data that proves responsibility and supports your allegations.
  • A motorcycle accident attorney will hire specialists such as an accident reconstructionist or a vocational specialist to uncover additional evidence or factors that can increase your settlement payout.

Insurance companies will not stand a chance by offering you less than a fair amount for our losses. A knowledgeable attorney can bargain with or sue an insurance provider to get just compensation that would pay for your time off work, medical expenses, and any other accident-related damages.

There is no guarantee that your claim will be successful, but generally, personal injury lawyers will only charge you for legal services if they can win your case. This guarantees your legal counsel’s full devotion to the success of obtaining financial compensation.

How Soon After My Motorcycle Wreck Should I Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Since a motorcycle crash lawyer is responsible for evidence collection and collaborating with the insurance adjuster to investigate the details of your motorcycle claim, you are strongly advised to contact a motorcycle crash attorney immediately following the accident.

Additionally, the car insurance company is notorious for contacting the crash victim after the wreck to take a recorded statement. It’s best to consult an attorney before providing a statement to prevent jeopardizing the basis of your claim.

How to calculate the worth of your motorcycle accident law firm

Finding an attorney, estimating the cost, and determining if they are worth the price can be overwhelming if you don’t understand what a motorcycle accident attorney does or what to look for. To select an equipped legal team, you should consider the following characteristics:

Experience & Track Record

Look for a lawyer with extensive experience handling motorcycle injury cases exclusively. Do they have a proven track record of winning cases and getting favorable client outcomes?

Focus on Motorcycle Accidents

Choose an attorney who focuses on motorcycle accidents as their primary practice area. You want somebody highly knowledgeable about motorcycle-related laws and litigation.

Resources & Connections

An effective attorney will have the financial resources and connections to investigate your crash thoroughly, hire experts, and go up against large insurance companies if needed.

Customer Report

Make sure you feel comfortable with the attorney and find them trustworthy, responsive, and easy to communicate with. This working relationship is vital to building a solid personal injury case.


Look online and in your local community for client testimonials and reviews that speak to the attorney’s strong reputation for succeeding in motorcycle cases.

Success at Trial

Whereas most cases settle out of court, it’s good if the lawyer has litigation experience and has success taking cases to trial if needed. These types of lawyers are especially useful for depositions or other important proceedings.

Association Membership

Look for lawyers who are members of pertinent motorcycle attorney organizations, which indicates a commitment to ongoing education.

Calculating the qualities that mean the most to you will ensure that you feel confident throughout your case and will broadly contribute to your claim’s success. Take the time to vet the accident attorney during the free consultation session with your concerns to ensure that you align beforehand.

Will my motorcycle accident lawyer help me find a doctor?

In many instances, personal injury law firms have a robust network of experts that they work with for client injury cases. This includes medical experts such as doctors, physical therapists, and surgeons, but also:

  • Researchers
  • economist
  • Life care planning
  • damages experts

Get a Free Consultation with a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A motorcycle accident lawyer does what’s necessary to recover economic and non-economic damages for their client. At John Foy & Associates, working with us is risk-free because we do not require a retainer fee or charge you if we lose. Plus, the consultation is always FREE.

To schedule your consultation with a team member, contact us today. We look forward to helping you recover financially from the losses of your Georgia motorcycle accident.


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