Gender Discrimination Paragraph For SSC, HSC and All Classes

Gender Discrimination Paragraph


Gender Discrimination Paragraph: Short


Gender discrimination is a type of prejudice that occurs when individuals are treated unfairly or unequally based on their gender. It involves the unequal distribution of opportunities, resources and privileges between individuals of different genders, often resulting in one gender being at a disadvantage over the other. This disparity can manifest in a variety of settings, including the workplace, education, health care, and social interactions. It perpetuates harmful stereotypes, reinforces traditional gender roles, and limits the potential of individuals based solely on their gender identity. Gender inequality undermines equality and diversity, creates significant barriers to social progress and hinders efforts to build inclusive and just societies.


Essay on Gender Discrimination Paragraph


Gender inequality refers to the difference in rights between boys, girls. It is a big social problem in Bangladesh. Girls are the biggest victims and sadly, it starts from birth. There are many reasons behind this. Social reforms and customs lead our male-dominated society to degrade the status of women. Religious interpretations and social structures are responsible for this. Besides, parents feel that men can contribute more to the family. So from very early stage they take more care of boys in all aspects. The results of gender discrimination are very harmful. This results in mental complications in girls. They cannot think that they too are perfect human beings. On the other hand, as a result of this discrimination, women’s education is severely damaged and women are subjected to one of the social ills of dowry. However, this problem cannot be solved overnight. For this we have to change our attitude towards girls. It should be well established that girls are equal partners of men. Ensuring access to appropriate education, health and other facilities for both boys, girls. After all, we can be freed from this social curse only when we are able to properly realize the fact that women are not only women, but they are also human beings.


Gender Discrimination Paragraph in 200 Words


An important aspect of a democratic society is the elimination of gender inequality. The root cause of this rampant disease is the monogamous society itself. When a child is born, discrimination begins; If the child is male, he is given a blue and red dress with a car, bat and ball, whereas if the child is female, he is given a Barbie doll with a pink dress. We all grew up with the mindset that boys are good at sports and messy, but girls are not good at sports and are organized. This discriminatory mindset has a profound effect when girls are told not to work and boys are allowed to work more. This categorization of men, women into different discriminatory categories based on sex is called gender discrimination. Further, this discriminatory treatment in society leads to hatred, injustice and more. This gender inequality is evident in every woman’s life at work, in educational institutions, in sports, etc., where young girls and women are deprived of their rights and undervalued. This major problem in society can be solved by giving equality to women and giving them all the same rights as men.


Essay on Gender Discrimination Paragraph in 250 Words


Gender discrimination means discriminatory treatment of women. It starts with the birth of a girl child. Divorced women and widows are the worst affected. The main reason for this deteriorating situation is that women are not wage earners and depend on male family members for their livelihood. Other factors lie in family and social attitudes. Parents feel that the girl child will become a wife in due course and move to another family and will not contribute anything to the welfare of the family. Society considers women to be weak in strength and wisdom. Hence, they face discrimination in terms of employment and career formation. Society also thinks that it is their duty to do housework to bring up children. Hence they are not allowed to go out of the house and are not given the light of education.

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Thus they cannot develop strong personalities and are not associated with decision making. A girl child is welcomed into the family with displeasure, as she is considered nothing but a burden and a liability. This problem of gender inequality can be solved by creating general awareness among people about the talent and importance of women and removing the social prejudices against them. When women are properly educated, they will be in a position to prove their worth and unjustified discrimination against them will automatically disappear.


Gender Discrimination Paragraph in 300 Words


Gender discrimination, the term refers to gender-based discrimination or discriminatory treatment. The discrimination that women face today is due to the stereotypical mindset of people in the past. According to Kahle Wolfe, in 2015, women earned 83% of the earnings paid to men working the same hours. Almost all women are discriminated not only on the basis of their salary but also on the basis of their appearance.

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Moreover, most women are allowed to follow a certain dress code depending on the field of work and the clothes that women wear also determine their future careers. This male dominated society teaches men that women are weak and innocent. Hence women are mostly victims and targets of crime. For example, in a large part of the world, women are blamed for rape despite being victimized because of their clothing This society also portrays women as weak and not worthy enough to stand up for themselves, leading to a major destruction of women’s individuality as men are taught to put women down.

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This mindset of people is a major social justice issue leading to gender inequality in society today. Moreover, gender-based inequality is evident globally in many areas including sports, education, health and law. 1 in 3 women in the world are abused in some form by men at some point in their lives.

This social evil exists in most parts of the world; In India, women are burned to death if they are unable to meet financial requirements; In Egypt, women are killed by society if they are perceived to be doing something impure within or outside their family, while in South Africa baby girls are abandoned or killed because they are considered a burden to the family. Thus gender inequality can be eliminated from society only by educating people about giving equal rights and respect to each gender.

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