Essay Paragraph On “Deforestation” For SSC HSC And All Classes

Eassy Paragraph On "Deforestation"

Short Paragraph On Deforestation – 150 Words

We live in a country where the temperature is relatively high. In these tropical countries, the tree plays a significant role in bringing rainfall. Trees take care of the water cycle. They initiate precipitation and cloud formation. Trees can also be beneficial in flood prevention. The mangroves of the Sundarbans protect the area from severe floods. Although these areas still experience regular flooding, the effects are contained due to the mangroves. If we continue to cut pit trees haphazardly and haphazardly, the soil structure will see drastic changes. Soil erosion is a legitimate problem. This degrades the quality of the soil that farmers are using for farming. Trees provide fresh oxygen to humans. Trees are shelters for various birds and animals. Most nocturnal birds and migratory birds find their nests in trees. Deforestation has affected millions of birds, closing off their habitats.


Essay Paragraph On Deforestation – 200

In this paragraph, we will focus on the harmful effects of deforestation. The effects of deforestation can be summarized. The first effect of deforestation is soil degradation. Removal of topsoil results in degradation of soil quality. Plants cling to the surface of the soil by their roots. Roots are used to extract nutrients from the soil. When deforestation occurs, trees are either cut down or uprooted. The former loosens the soil and the latter causes root rot. Decaying roots increase the number of alkaline salts in the soil, making them unfit for agriculture.

Therefore, agriculture is adversely affected by deforestation. Declining trees also have several impacts on the air quality of an area. Plants release oxygen during photosynthesis. Air quality standards are maintained as oxygen is released. Cutting down trees pollutes the air. Gone is the normal filter. Pollution levels increase. As the number of cars increases, carbon monoxide emissions cannot be curbed. Trees also cannot protect the air from pollution. Hence extensive deforestation also causes air pollution. Besides air pollution, deforestation causes soil erosion and loss of soil quality. So deforestation must be prevented.


Paragraph On Deforestation – 250 to 300 Words

This paragraph will provide a formal introduction to how wildlife is affected by deforestation. We will also discuss the ways in which different governments are trying to reduce the impact of deforestation. We all know that there are terrible fires all over the world. These fires often live for days and weeks.

A sudden rise in temperature across the world has led to such a situation. The whole world is getting hotter due to global warming. Global warming is caused by rampant deforestation. Distortion paves the way for industrialization As the number of factories increases, the number of trees decreases. Brazil is in a very weak position in terms of deforestation. A significant portion of the Amazon rainforest has been cleared. Several wildlife species have lost their habitats and livelihoods. Birds have also lost their homes.

The impact of deforestation is far-reaching. This has plunged the entire world into a severe crisis for clean energy resources. Clean energy is the need of the hour. With the severe deforestation that has taken place, a clean energy alternative is needed. Deforestation results in depletion of the ozone layer. It protects us from the sun’s harmful UV rays. India has taken strict measures across the country regarding forestry. The Chipko movement was a milestone in environmental awareness. It was started by several women who hugged trees to clear the forest. Trees have been planted in different parts of the country.


Paragraph on Deforestation For SSC

The relentless march of deforestation is one of the most pressing issues of our time. It directs us to downgrade our forests to threatened status. Men are more responsible for this. Bangladesh is a densely populated country. But his land is limited.

As a result, people are cutting trees to meet the demand. More population requires more arable land, more furniture, more housing. So people are cutting trees randomly, and there are some unscrupulous people who cut trees to make money. The consequences of deforestation are far-reaching, affecting climate patterns, biodiversity and human livelihoods. Trees are our best friends. It gives us wood, fruits etc. By absorbing a dreaded greenhouse gas called carbon-dioxide, trees also provide us with oxygen without which we cannot survive even for a moment. Trees also save us from various natural disasters. Trees prevent soil erosion. It also makes our land fertile. Trees help us in many ways. Again we cut these trees without any reason.

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Random cutting of trees will one day turn our country into a desert. Because trees bring rain which is essential for our agricultural land. Bangladesh is a major agricultural country. Its economy is based on agriculture.So, deforestation also affects our economy. Deforestation is also a cause of greenhouse effect. At least 25% of a country’s total area should be forested. But we have only 17%. Deforestation must be stopped. People should be aware about the importance of trees. The government should come forward in this sector. Authorities are making rules to stop illegal cutting of trees. Media can also help. They can promote programs on the importance of tree plantation. By taking precautions we can stop deforestation. Thus by planting more trees we can stop deforestation. By caring for our forests and using them wisely, we can protect our planet and all life on it for the future.

Deforestation paragraph For HSC

Deforestation, the term comes when we cut down too many trees to make human things. People do this for a variety of reasons, such as making room for farms or buildings, or collecting wood and minerals. But there is a big problem with it. Forests are like the lungs of the earth. They breathe in carbon dioxide, which is bad for the environment, and give us clean air to breathe. When we cut down trees, we release all that stored carbon into the air, making climate change worse. Forests are home to many animals and plants. When we destroy their homes, they cannot survive and some may even become extinct.


Tribals who depend on forests for their livelihood are also affected. But here’s the good news that we can make a change. People all over the world are working to stop deforestation. They are planting new trees in the areas that have been cut down. They use better ways to get wood without harming the environment. Restoration efforts aim to reverse the loss, planting trees to restore lost land. Sustainable forestry practices attempt to balance human needs with environmental conservation, and governments are enacting strict regulations to prevent illegal logging. And they are telling everyone how important it is to protect our forests. Ultimately, deforestation is a big problem, but we have the power to make a difference. By adopting sustainable practices and fostering a new respect for the world’s forests, we can hope to weave a future where the earth’s tapestry remains lush and green for generations to come.

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