Dhaka elevated expressway paragraph For Class 8,9,10,12 Ssc-Hsc Exam

Dhaka elevated expressway is a milestone for Bangladesh. Recently this Dhaka elevated expressway is opened for public. So, it is an important paragraph topic for your all-competitive exam. But there is not available a good paragraph on Dhaka elevated expressway on internet because this Dhaka elevated expressway paragraph topic is very new topic. In today’s article we will discuss about this Dhaka elevated expressway paragraph topic. So, stay with us for more information about Dhaka elevated expressway.

Dhaka elevated expressway paragraph For Ssc-Hsc in 150,200,250 Words

The Dhaka Elevated Expressway is Bangladesh’s first elevated expressway project, and it will reduce traffic in the nation’s capital. The idea of an elevated expressway is that it would allow for uninterrupted traffic and be free of numerous roadblocks. The project will begin from the Shahjalal International Airport on the Dhaka Elevated Expressway, travel by the communities of Kuril, Banani, Mohakhali, Tejgaon, Moghbazar, Kamalapur, Sayedabad, and Jatrabari, and terminate at the Kutubkhali section of the Dhaka-Chittagong expressway.

Dhaka elevated expressway paragraph
Dhaka elevated expressway paragraph

The length of this project is 46.73 km which includes the linking highway which is the largest project for reducing traffic jams. The Dhaka Elevated Expressway project’s implementation costs have been put at roughly 8,940 crores. There will be 11 toll booths on the expressway. They are all located above freeways. On it, some 80,000 vehicles will be able to move around each day. The Dhaka Elevated Expressway will operate as a backup route in Dhaka’s north-south direction.

Highways are not designed for constant traffic in a big nation like Bangladesh. To eliminate these, part of the nation’s highways will be converted to expressways. The Dhaka-Mawa-Bhanga Expressway is the first one. But it is a ground-based structure. A road like this is referred to be an elevated expressway when it is constructed on pillars above the ground.

Only high-speed vehicles will operate on the expressway; all other sorts of vehicles will not. These automobiles will not stop anyplace. There is a designated lane off the main freeway that must be used while stopping. The expressway will have a set speed limit for moving vehicles. Expressway users will arrive at their location faster than other drivers and within the allotted time.

Travel time and cost will decrease, traffic congestion in Dhaka city will be greatly decreased, and the Dhaka Elevated Expressway project will be put into action. The country’s economic progress will be significantly impacted by the simplification and modernization of the communication system.

Short Paragraph on Dhaka elevated expressway for class 6,7,8,9,10,12

Expressways are being created throughout the nation one by one to relieve traffic congestion in accordance with the necessities of the period.

The capital’s Dhaka Elevated Expressway would ease daily traffic congestion for city people. The way may now be traveled in 10 to 15 minutes rather than having to wait hours. On the Dhaka-Chittagong route, the Dhaka Elevated Expressway is being built from Shahjalal International Airport to Qutubkhali. The airport’s Kawla to Farmgate portion has already had its construction work done.

Elevated expressways were designed to relieve traffic from motorway congestion. The people of Bangladesh have recently become familiar with the term “expressway.” Expressways are the common name for international roadways with access controls. Only fast cars will be able to run through it; all other sorts of vehicles will not. These cars will move at a set speed and will not stop anywhere. Even when stopped, some regulations must be followed.

The Dhaka Elevated Expressway has several advantages over other modes of transportation, including cost and time to destination. The communication system would be streamlined, and traffic in Dhaka city will be significantly less congested. The Dhaka Elevated Expressway will shorten travel distances and lower costs. The unpleasant event will be forgotten by people. Simply said, the Dhaka Elevated Expressway will have a big impact on the nation’s economic growth.

Dhaka elevated expressway Essay Composition for Ssc-Hsc

The first elevated expressway in the nation is the Dhaka Elevated Expressway. The length of this expressway is 19.73 kilometres. This Saturday, September 2, sees the opening of its first segment from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport to Farmgate. From the following day, Sunday (September 3), this brand-new communication horizon will be accessible to all vehicular traffic.

The Dhaka Elevated Expressway will connect Qutubkhali on the Dhaka-Chittagong route to Hazrat Shahjalal Airport. The government took the initiative to construct this flyover road with the goal of reducing travel costs and time while also clearing traffic from Dhaka. As a result, the capital’s communication infrastructure will undergo significant alterations. The city of Dhaka will benefit from this infrastructure by having less traffic congestion, more time, less misery, and more relief.

The Dhaka Elevated Expressway will have a 60 km/h speed limit for moving vehicles. As a result, the 11 km distance between Kaola and Farmgate will take 12 to 15 minutes to complete. The Dhaka Elevated Expressway Project is a significant endeavour for the government of Bangladesh. It is the biggest Public-Private Partnership (PPP)-based project in the nation.

The project will boost Dhaka’s city’s north-south corridor’s road capacity. Aside from that, it will be simpler for Chittagong port to communicate with Dhaka EPZ and North Bengal if the project is connected to the Dhaka-Acholia Elevated Expressway. In addition to reducing traffic in Dhaka, this will have a huge effect on the socioeconomic development of the nation.

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Elevated expressway is going to be added to the transportation system of the country to save people from the severe consequences of traffic jam in capital city Dhaka. This fast lane will be formally opened by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on September 2, after it has already been partially operational. This gives the field of communication a fresh touch.

The capital city’s residents will finally realize their long-held desire when the Dhaka Elevated Expressway opens at Drishti Nandan. City dwellers will no longer have to endure horrible traffic jams. The 12 km road from the airport to Tejgaon can now be travelled in about 10 minutes thanks to the highway.

The project officially started construction on January 1, 2020. By June 30, 2024, construction on the entire project is expected to be finished.

One of the largest public-private partnership (PPP) infrastructure projects in the nation is the Dhaka Elevated Expressway. The project is expected to cost 8 000 940 crores. The Bangladeshi government is contributing 2,413, or 27%, of the anticipated cost, out of this. The manufacturer consortium will cover the remaining costs.

The expressway will be built, run, and maintained by a private business called First Dhaka Elevated Expressway (FDEE). The main expressway is 19.73 kilometers long. There are 31 ramps for take-off on it. They are 27 kilometers long. The Dhaka Elevated Expressway is 46.73 kilometers long in total. The Shahjalal International Airport in the capital will be connected to the Chittagong Highway via the Udal Expressway.

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